Number Place Value Tutor

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This app teaches students how to read and create numbers. It teaches number place value in 4 forms. Expanded form, Word Form, Standard Form and using graphs.

Memory Match Brain Exerciser

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Train your brain with this classic memory exercise. Each set is randomized and you have the ability to choose 4 to 48 random cards. Great for kids, adults and the elderly. Simple interface allows you to change the number of cards. Compete against your best time. Great memory trainer. Great kids game to keep the kids busy on a road trip. Great for hand eye coordination. Great for training hand eye coordination. Pre-school, vacations, elderly care facilities.

Periodic Table Element Quiz

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Periodic Table Element Quiz is a simple to use chemistry study tool. Includes companion watch app.

Explore the elements of the periodic table. 

This section covers the element’s:

-location on the table


-atomic radius

-boiling point

-melting point


-electron shells



-electron affinity

-atomic structure

The Element Match Quiz allows students to match the element name to the element acronym.

The Element Fill Game allows students to match the location of the element on the periodic table to the element name.

At the end of each quiz students are given the correct answers.

Event Date Tracker

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Event Day Tracker stores all of your important events


-Countdown the years, months, days

-Emoji image for each event

-Counts Until (future event) or Counts Ago (past Event)

-Saves event to reminder app

-Premium Features:

–Unlimited Events